Friday, September 1, 2017

How to add a custom time to cells with dates already in them

How to add a custom time to cells with dates already in them. This is a Google Sheets issue I hadn't been able to solve.

I would like to retain my current dates, but add a custom time next to each date - not just add a time format.

When I select the whole cell and go to Format>Number>More formats>More date and time formats... and select the m/d/yyyy h/mm/ss format, the time automatically goes to 0:00:00, but I want to be able change all of the cells to the same and specific time, say 06:30:00. 
Note that if I add a custom time directly into the box above, such as "m/d/yyyy 6:30:00", the "6:30:00" shows in the cells, but is not read as time, but as regular text. Here is what I mean. Notice that the fx section omits the time part and only shows the day, even though it appears to be present in the cells.

I can edit each cell manually, and it will work, but I want know how to edit all cells simultaneously.

I understand that you'd like to retain the dates and add a specific time to those datesIn order to do this you may need to add a helper column to your existing data (in this case add a column beside the date column and name it as time). Add time 6:30 to one of the cells and drag that cell down to get the same time across the entire column. 

In the third column, write the following formula and change the format of this column to Date and Time:


This should give you the existing date and the time as 6:30 for all the listed dates.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dog Training by Lew Burke (1976) Book Review

This book tells you how dogs think, which is necessary to train a dog to do what you want it to do. And dog's psychology is much different from what most people think.

Lew Burke trained some of the most disobedient dogs, transforming them into some of the most obedient and happy dogs. He knows how dogs think. He has the good practice of repeating the most important points throughout the book so that you don't forget.

Here is a summary of the most important points Lew Berke tries to convey:

* You must speak in the dog's language, not yours.
* To be a genuine pack leader, you have to assert yourself 100%. You must be a despotic leader for the dog to respect and obey you completely.
* There must only be one pack leader.
* Before assuming the pack leader position, you have to earn the dog's trust and confidence by establishing a dog-pack relationship (generally for 18 hours).
* NEVER start working with any dog until a warm relationship has been established and the dog loved to be near you.
* NEVER reprimand or scold a dog after calling him to you, or he will associate you with pain and fear.
* ALWAYS praise the dog lavishly and offer food after calling him to you
* ALWAYS reward the dog after the dog does something you told him to do.
* NEVER have the dog associate you with pain and fear.
* ALWAYS and IMMEDIATELY punish the dog after the dog does something undesirable, such as eats trash.
* He must ALWAYS associate you with love, warmth, food, and pleasure.
* Offer LOVE and STRENGTH simultaneously.
* Provide punishment stronger in nature than the desired action (to fight, take food from strangers, bark at visitors, etc.).
* Provide positive and negative conditioning in the proper proportion to the act.
* Most aggressive dogs are shy.
* Dogs are bisexual to dogs and humans.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to make the dock appear instantly

Open the terminal, and type:

"defaults write autohide-time-modifier -int 0"

and then

"killall Dock"

This will make the dock pop out without delay. To adjust the time, change the number at the end of the first command.

Monday, March 20, 2017

How to talk to a telemarketer

Talking to these folks at all is a bad thing as it acknowledges someone is on the other side of the line and gives them the opportunity to sell your number as an active number to other scammers.
this is absolutely correct.

on the other hand if you've already spoken to them then you may likely already have flagged your number as 'active'. if so, there is little to lose by having some fun with them. i like to keep them on the phone for a long time and holding conversations specifically designed to make them feel awkward. always assert that you are not eekzues but rather a friend/family/lover; then consider talking points:
- that eekzues has recently passed away and how the scammer sounds like such a nice person you just need to talk to them about it
- question whether eekzues was cheating on you with the scammer; make bold claims and demand to know where they were at various odd times
- let them know "the job is done" and that you "need the cash and plane tickets as promised"
- consider asking them what their favorite flavor of edible underwear is; see how far you go with that

i've had a lot of fun at the expense of telemarketers. they make owning a phone less comfortable so the least i can do is repay the favor.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Here is an email I received... from James Comey!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

MacBook Pro Benchmarks

15-inch MacBook Pro entry-level models 2013-2016

13-inch MacBook Pro entry-level models 2013-2016

Benchmarks website: