Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dog Training by Lew Burke (1976) Book Review

This book tells you how dogs think, which is necessary to train a dog to do what you want it to do. And dog's psychology is much different from what most people think.

Lew Burke trained some of the most disobedient dogs, transforming them into some of the most obedient and happy dogs. He knows how dogs think. He has the good practice of repeating the most important points throughout the book so that you don't forget.

Here is a summary of the most important points Lew Berke tries to convey:

* You must speak in the dog's language, not yours.
* To be a genuine pack leader, you have to assert yourself 100%. You must be a despotic leader for the dog to respect and obey you completely.
* There must only be one pack leader.
* Before assuming the pack leader position, you have to earn the dog's trust and confidence by establishing a dog-pack relationship (generally for 18 hours).
* NEVER start working with any dog until a warm relationship has been established and the dog loved to be near you.
* NEVER reprimand or scold a dog after calling him to you, or he will associate you with pain and fear.
* ALWAYS praise the dog lavishly and offer food after calling him to you
* ALWAYS reward the dog after the dog does something you told him to do.
* NEVER have the dog associate you with pain and fear.
* ALWAYS and IMMEDIATELY punish the dog after the dog does something undesirable, such as eats trash.
* He must ALWAYS associate you with love, warmth, food, and pleasure.
* Offer LOVE and STRENGTH simultaneously.
* Provide punishment stronger in nature than the desired action (to fight, take food from strangers, bark at visitors, etc.).
* Provide positive and negative conditioning in the proper proportion to the act.
* Most aggressive dogs are shy.
* Dogs are bisexual to dogs and humans.