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A Broken Bone

This is another one from "the archives". This was my second broken bone (I broke my first one by falling on flat ground).

[Final Draft]
Per.2 4/27/04
A Broken Bone

Kiev is a relatively big city. It has a population of more than two and a half million people. It is also the capital of Ukraine , a country located in Eastern Europe . European cities have a tight-nit neighborhood, people know each other and everyone lives close by, so when I lived in Kiev most of my friends lived just across the street. We always stopped and said hello to each other whenever we met, even on the way to a market.

I lived on a second floor of a ten story building. I had a large balcony in which I kept my green, old bike. Since my bike had a flat tire, my parents told me to not ride it. It was the year of 2000 and the weather was hot, but windy.

One day one of my friends, Alex, who lived just across the street, asked me to ride bikes together. I don’t let my friends down, so I said,” Yes, of course!” I thought that I could take responsibility and just bring the bike back after riding it. I felt like it is going to be fun to ride my own bike with my friends, because I was eleven and did everything on my own.

We pumped the bike’s tire, so I thought it was good for a short period of time. I felt pretty excited. It was hot, so I thought I’ll go get something to drink in a store near by after riding our bikes, I didn’t even know what was going to happen after that, because all I knew is that we were going pretty fast and Alex said,” Hey, how come Daniel is always ahead?”. I remember thinking that I had to get ahead of these guys when I turned in the air a few times and landed on the hard floor. I think I smelled what I heard, and I heard bells ringing and I saw every thing in a shady black color. It didn’t even hurt, but I knew that my left arm was broken because I couldn’t move it. My friends carried me home and the next day we went to the hospital. An ambulance carried me there. It was a relatively small hospital. So we waited in line before the doctor took care of my hand. The doctor looked at my x-rays and told me to sit down, so I sat. He straightened out my hand, which was really painful, and rolled it into a soft, wet, cotton bowl.

This relates to the story “Jack and the Beanstalk” because these situations are similar. In both situations we did something that we knew was wrong, but we still did it and at the end someone got hurt. In my story it was me, and in “Jack and the Beanstalk” it was the ogre.

I regret this because I had to wear a belt around my neck for a month and I don’t have the same strength in my left hand as I used to have. But I’m just thankful to be alive, if it matters. This incident helped me gain great insight into doing what’s right, and now it helps me in life to make better decisions like not to use broken things and do what seems reasonable.

Monday, May 3, 2004 8:03:15 PM

My Westview '04 freshman ESL class with Ms. Cavanagh:

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