Friday, March 29, 2013

Drunk Driving Laws - United States and Europe Comparison

The threshold for the maximum allowable blood alcohol content (BAC) for drivers ranges from a level of 0.10 (% by vol.) to a level of zero tolerance (0.00). 

The United States has the highest permissible BAC level, with some jurisdictions maintaining 0.10 as the BAC threshold for impaired driving. 

Nine countries have set their BAC level at 0.08, while 27 countries use 0.05 as their legislated BAC. Only Lithuania’s BAC is designated to be 0.04, while three countries (Georgia, Moldova, Turkmenistan) have designated it at 0.03. Norway and Sweden stand together at 0.02, and Albania is alone at 0.01. 

Eight countries do not allow any traces of alcohol in a driver’s blood, while Russia designates its standard only with the term “drunkenness.” It is important to note that some countries do not have drunk-driving legislation at all or simply have not set a maximum BAC level.


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