Friday, July 11, 2014

GRE Vocabulary

Portentous - ominous; preachy
Abate - to lessen or lower
Impute - to assign blame to someone; ~implicate
Recant - retract statement or opinion
Vindicate - justify; clear from blame (acquit)
Gossamer - thin or fine, like silk
Adamantine - very hard; unbreakable
Frangible - easily breakable (fragile)
Tensile - stretchable (of tension)
Attenuated - reduced in strength
Augment - to lengthen
Facilitate - to make easy
Apocryphal - of questionable authenticity
Arcane - mysterious, obscure (esoteric; abstruse; recondite)
Modish - fashionable
Refractory - rebellious
Philistine - lowbrow
Spurious - false or fake
Perennial - consistent
Provisio - an article that introduces a new condition
Stipulation - a condition specified in a legal document
Juncture - a critical point in a process
Sojourn - a short visit
Hiatus - interruption 
Capitulation - a surrender
Harangue - a scolding
Malignity - desire to do evil
Compunction - guilt
Sedulity - diligence 
Inconspicuous - unnoticeable (discreet)
Voluminous - large
Fetid - having an offensive odor (like feet)
Platonic - without sexual desire
Vitriolic - cruel; caustic (corroding)
Caluminous - slanderous
Categorical - direct and explicit
Prescient - predictive 
Dearth - scarcity
Untoward - improper
Iconoclastic - someone who attacks cherished beliefs
Opprobrium - disgrace
Approbation - praise
Brooches - type of jewelry; trinket
Vestments - garments
Verdigris - green
Sanguine - dark red; bloody; optimistic; healthy [as in reddish cheeks; sang wine - wine is red, and you're happy when you drink it]
Azure - deep blue
Suffuse - to spread throughout something
Antediluvian - antiquated
Bucolic - rural; idyllic; pastoral
Laconic - succinct; concise; compendious
Otiosity - laziness; indolence
Obduracy - stubbornness
Puerility - childishness
Aberration - irregularity; anomaly
curio - an unusual object
Plumage - the feathers of a bird
Regale - delight; entertain (an idea)
Imbued - invested with; pervaded by (diffused throughout)
Inculcate: indoctrinate 
Gratuitous - uncalled for
Indelible - unable to be removed
Disparate - heterogenous
Dilettante - amateur
Fastidious - with attention to detail; meticulous
Regnant - prevalent; widespread
Fugacious - fleeting; transitory
Obsequious - attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery; sycophantic
Contrite- feeling remorse or regret
Obdurate - adj. stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
Abjure - reject or renounce a formerly held belief, usually under pressure
Cogent - powerfully persuasive
Facetious - inappropriately placed humor; ill sarcasm [making a face/joking about feces]
Balloone - increase rapidly
Duplicity - deceitfulness; double-dealing
Discrepancy - a lack of comparibility; difference
Collude - to conspire to mislead [collide against the truth]
Vexation - annoyance; anger
Munificent - very generous
Laconic - brief and to the point; concise
Ebullient - joyously unrestrained
Garrulous - chatty; talkative [girls are chatty]
Mendacity - tendency to be untruthful [ammend the truth]
Avarice - greed [a very rich person]
Prevarication - deliberately deviating from the truth, being vague or ambiguous [prevent the truth]
Pernicious - excessively harmful; insidious [piranha; like a weed/fern; vicious; noxious = harmful/poisonous]
Salubrious - promoting health [lubricant, smooth and healthy; jiffy lube fixes car health; salut - good]
Salient - prominent feature; relevant; conspicuous
Beguile - influence by slyness; attract (like a PUA) [be a typical guy, and guide girls to sex]
Debase - lowere in value or quality; corrupt
Abase - to shame; humiliate
Jettison - throw away [project it out of the window]
Calumnious - harmful or untrue statements [people say harmful and untrue things about cal alumni, saying they promoting a liberal agenda]
Inveigle - cajole; influence by gentle urging [to invail your true motivation in persuading someone]
Timorous - timid; fearful [tremor/trembling from fear]
Diffident - modest; not confident [DIFficult to be conFIDENT]
Recrudescent - revival of unfortunate situation after a period of abatement, like a cancer [REturn of a CRUDE SCENT]
Inimical - not friendly [enemy]
Schism - division or discord [prism]
Demur - hesitation; objection (to accepting something) [Damn you are wrong]
Didactic - intending to teach, esp relating to morals [autodidact - self-taught]
Syntax - arrangement of words to create sentences
Sartorial - relating to clothes
Panache - flamboyant confidence of style [gay people wear mustaches]
Gawk - awkward; clumsy
Quixotic - idealistic [exotic beliefs are impractical]
Flout - openly disregard (a rule or convention)

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