Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to review apps in the App store

Review guidelines

  1. Share your history with the app (How long ago did you download this app. How much time did you spend playing it? What is the reason you downloaded this app? Where did you hear about this app?)
  2. Mention something about you (age, gender, what kind of games you like)
  3. Mention what you like and don't like, suggest improvement in features.
  4. Is the app updated often? How is customer service?
  5. With what aspects of other reviews do you agree and disagree?
  6. Compare the app to other similar (better or worse) apps. Recommend other similar apps.


App Review for Crossme

I love the simple interface. It is one of the best monogram app I've used, including NonogramZ, Picross mobile, and iGridd. Just search for "picross" in the app store for a load more. Love the undue button. Love that it's iPhone 5 optimized. 
1. Want to be able to independently select "x" and fill in a square, so I wouldn't need to hit a square twice.
2. I also want to be able to drag in more than one direction at a time.
3. It is a little hard to use on an iPhone, even with the great zoom function. It's probably better on an iPad. So I'd like to be able to have a magnifier option to see where I'm clicking, like the one for editing text.

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