Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Favorite Apps

Game apps:

  • Board Games: Chess.com (Allows you to play instantly, timed or untimed); Conquist Tournament (a Risk-like multiplayer)
  • Tower Defense: Kingdom Rush (and it's sequel, Frontiers); Toy Defense; TapDefense
  • Castle Defense: Medieval, Knights Onrush
  • Physics-based games: Hambo, PHYSICS GAMEBOX, Osmos
  • Puzzle: Kenken, Drop 7, CrossMe, Fill-A-Pix
  • Room escape: Antrim Escape 1, 2, and 3; The Room
  • Other categories: Army of Darkness Defense, Tiny Wings, Galcon, Jungle Crash Land (the "Star Pilot" mode), ORC: Vengeance (dungeon Crawler)
  • Space shooter: Galaxy on Fire II (my all time favorite game)
  • First person shooter: Shadowgun: DeadZone
  • Hill Climb
  • I Dig It
  • GTA III and GTA: Chinatown Wars

Other Apps:

  • Songkick Concerts
    • Scans your iTunes library and finds concerts near you
  • SoundHound (music catcher)
    • cPro+
      • Craigslist app
    • AppZapp
      • Find good apps, price histories
    • Dictionary.com; Merriam-Webster
    • Flashlight.
    • Gas Buddy (shows the nearest gas statons with prices)
    • TuneIn Radio
    • iCatcher! (Podcast app)

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